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This past winter, I have come up with an idea to revolutionize the way people eat pasta. Pasta is a great food, it's very versatile and everyone loves it. The thing about pasta, however, is its not portable or easy to obtain. There's no Subway or Chipotle for pasta, and when you can get pasta it's a food that requires you to devote lots of time to its consumption. To counteract these perceived pasta flaws, I have invented a new way to eat pasta. It is called "The Paffuto". I chose to name my new food "Paffuto" for three reasons: it has the "pah" sound from pasta, it's structured like the word burrito, and it means chubby in Italian. My Italian burrito is essentially a bread bowl in the shape of a submarine sub, filled with pasta and sauce and toppings. Its presented wrapped in tinfoil, and is supposed to be eaten like a sandwich. Pasta and garlic bread have historically been eaten together, and so the bread surrounding the pasta is not just bread, but garlic bread. I spent a long time perfecting my recipe, and getting feedback from a wide variety of taste testers. The average score given to me by these taste testers was 8.65/10. 90% of taste testers said they were both "very likely" to eat the paffuto again, and "very likely" to recommend the paffuto to a friend. Because of this public interest, and because the scores given to the paffuto I've decided to sell my paffutos. It will cost customers $7.00 in total to have a hot and ready paffuto delivered to their door. No tips accepted. Orders will be collected throughout the week, but all paffutos will be delivered from 11:30 - 1:00 on Saturdays.

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Ever wanted to eat Pasta on the go? Well now you can! Our italian burrito will make it easier than ever to eat Pasta while maintaining high quality tastes.

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With an impressive score of 8.65 / 10, the Pafutto is not just conveniant but also incredibly delicious!

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Too tired to leave the house? No worries! The Pafutto is delivered to your doorstep for $7, no delivery charges or tips! Available 11:30 - 1 on Saturdays